Viva Las Vegas!

The heat finally took it's toll on our classic Mercedes 350SL. What were we thinking, coming out here during this time of the day. You could fry an egg on the car right now! What fun it had been leaving our daily routine behind and taking off on a road trip to unknown destinations.

Roof down, my hair dancing in the wind, wearing my easy breezy BraveBabe bodysuit, listening to the electrifying voice of Mick Jagger. I can't get no....satisfaction! Then with a loud BANG the engine gives up. 

But thumbs up, right? We are so thankful when finally a car decides to stop instead of ignoring our signal. Two cute hippie girls in a Volkswagen Beetle, who probably had the same idea as us coming out here. They offer us their rather tiny backseat for a hitch to Las Vegas, a dream come true!

Arriving in the city of lights we thank our saviors and decide to rent a cheap but cozy hotel room. By now the sun starts to set when we look out over the bright and by now orange tinted town. It's palm trees swaying in the wind, in an almost hypnotizing rhythm, we cheers on our arrival with an ice cold beer. We are here, the city of Elvis, Frank Sinatra, The Rat Pack.

Viva Las Vegas!


Model: Isabell Hendrichs

Text: Brave Babe

Lingerie (Bella Bodysuit): Brave Babe Intimates

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